As a way of introducing yourself to each other on this blog and getting used to posting comments complete this simple exercise. Aim to write a short paragraph and once people start posting be sure to comment on each other’s work. Ask questions. Be encouraging. 

Complete a short SWOT reflection on all the work you have completed in the last semester. You might want to do this in note form and the write a short paragraph to post.

What are your strengths as a writer? Is it vocabulary, structure, tone, organisation? 

What are you weaknesses, areas of your writing that need attention? 

What opportunities or new things have you tried in your work this semester? It might be that you have planned your work more carefully.

And if you are honest what has been a real threat to your writing improving in the last semester of the year? Could it be that you do not put enough time into the course, you don’t act on the feedback you are given or that you you are anxious about being able to complete writing assessments in the exam?


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