A Word Cloud

Use this Wordle ‘word cloud’ as a starting point to create a short piece of writing about the Context: Identity and Belonging. You may choose to use the key words in the image in your own writing. You might want to disagree or challenge some assumptions. However you decide to approach the task make sure you can support your ideas with some evidence – think of the texts you have been reading, the media you encounter, examples both local and international.


3 thoughts on “A Word Cloud

  1. Compare to Wordle, I prefer to start my writing with a mind map. I would put the topic in the middle of a paper and start to explore my ideas around the topic. It helps me to group all the ideas into different parts. For example, when I am writing about Ransom, the word ransom would be in the middle and themes, like death and fate, would around it. I can understand the connection between the topic and the themes more easily. Also I don’t need to read though the whole page again to find my idea. I can just go to the section that I want and find the points.


  2. wait, is this an instruction or an article? i'll assume its an article here:
    No doubt a wordle is an efficient and straight foward method to raise one's writing ability since it provides the individual a clearer idea of what they are about to write. Also the crative method is different to writing dull mind maps everytime they approach a topic. Yet, a wordle doesn't nessecarily improve one's writing SKILLS. no matter what kind of crystal idea you have, one may not be able to link them together without the technique to do so. One's ability to write with sufficient skill is certainly more important than their ability to think of ideas. Afterall, nobody can fully express their feeling without being able to speak fluently. The same theory applies.


  3. Hello Boris and Peter,

    Thanks for commenting. Re read the post. You have been asked to write about the Context- Identity and Belonging. Use the words in the image to write a short paragraph. For example, it is hard to feel like you belong when you feel isolated and you don't 'fit' into the culture.

    Many of the key words in the image would apply to the Growing Up Asian in Australia stories. Have another go.


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