Working Backwards

In the exam you will be given an essay topic on the selected text. You would read the assertion, explode it…pull it apart, deconstruct it, define each word and rewrite it into your own words. Here we ask you to work backwards, so that you might work forwards with great confidence.

Revisit the quotes from the last post.  Write three essay topics that three quotes would be suitable for. Remember to consider theme and character questions.

Then….. Choose one of your essay topics and quotes to write an extended paragraph for it. Allocate a friend to do one of your essay topics as an extended paragraph.


One thought on “Working Backwards

  1. Peter Ye

    Both Achilles and Priam journey through pain and loss to ultimately find peace.
    The protagonist Achilles underwent the pain and loss in an entirely different way with Priam. The death of Patroclus drove Achilles into a deep abyss of hatred, doomed him in an unending cycle of hatred and grief. He then turned his grief into rage that he maltreated Hector’s body without a guilt. Achilles was suffering this pain all through the journey of the 11 days, until the end Priam gave him the offer to set him into peace and released him from his grief. The loss of Patroclus caused a pain to Achilles due to their deep relationship that the fact they were soul mated. “Something new should be attempted, something has never before been done or thought of, something new….”, Achilles couldn’t untie himself from the pain unless someone came to him and release him, and that was Priam who took the chance, dared to take the less than 50 percent chance of risking himself and trying to offer the ransom to both Achilles and himself. Ultimately, he was able to forgive Priam and untied himself from those hatred emotions, and eventually formed a sense of peace that he escaped from the unending cycle that he once found himself in.

    The true hero of Ransom is Somax. Discuss.
    The characters’ identity is not defined by their names, but who they are


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