Leaving the City of your Comfort

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of
your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll
discover is yourself.
~Alan Alda

Alan Alda is a well known actor who appeared in the 1970s televisions series MASH. The TV series follows a team of doctors and support staff during the Korean War. Alda dealt with the grief and joys  of life in a war zone, albeit in character. What do you think this quote suggest about how you really find your true identity?
If you are not sure how to make sense of the quote, unpack it like you would a topic. Look for key words, define them in order to make it workable for you.

4 thoughts on “Leaving the City of your Comfort

  1. People need to discover something that they have never tried before to truly understand what they belong to. Some people refuse to try new stuffs or don't have enough courage to give up, so they don't have chance to try. In our life, we must meet lots of chances, we need to make decision that rather accepts or refuses. If we always reject the chances that people give us, we will not have opportunity to discover new stuffs. Therefore it's important for people to leave and try.


  2. This quote means, we cannot deeply determine our true identities in a place where we stay for a very long time, the people who live in this city have already had a unchangeable view to us, we cannot discover any other new identities here. To find new identity, we must go somewhere else, just like the main character Chris did in the movie “Into the wild”.

    My true identity is the person I am passionate about the most. My true self is the identity that makes me smile when I remember it and that makes me feel happy.

    Peter Ye


  3. Comfort
    • Doing the same things
    • Something happy with doing it
    • Place to live
    • Home
    • Different countries or cities—coming to Australia
    • Trying new things—pilot licence, camping
    • Learning new culture—Australian culture
    • Seeing things in different ways or from others’ perspectives
    • Start to care about others feelings when doing and saying things.
    • Being able to learn new things and skills—flying
    • Skin (negative)— Sandra’s father—being racist for him whole life, didn’t go into the wildness—die with guilt
    • Myself—left home and chose to study in Australia—have chance to be a pilot, start to understand how other people live and experience a new lifestyle.


  4. • Chances
    – make decisions [ whether try or reject]
    accepts: may discover true self, true happiness, understand more about yourself, know what you need the most
    -impossible to experience without trying,
    • Challenge
    – out of the boundaries
    rewarding, a lesson in life
    Skin: Sandra leaves her family and original life because she discovers that her life can should more joyful. She steps out from her comfortable home and tries the new life. And she finds that she doesn’t have to pretend as a white but being a black.


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