Transitional Expression

Building Vocabulary for Writing  
Read through the list and write down 20 expressions that you currently are not in the habit of using but that you would like to add to your writing.

also, in the same way, just as …
so too, likewise, similarly, again,
once more, both, and also, equally
evident, equally, in like manner,
as, as if, as though

although it is true that, granted
that, I admit that, it may appear
that, naturally, of course,
notwithstanding, to be sure,
although, even if, even, even
though, though

but, however, in spite of, on the
one hand … on the other hand,
nevertheless, nonetheless,
notwithstanding, in contrast, on
the contrary, still, yet, although,
despite, even though, instead,
regardless, though, conversely,
otherwise, whereas

 Again, and, and then, besides,
finally, first…second…third,
furthermore, last, moreover, next,
still, too
after, afterward, after a bit, after a
few days, after awhile, at last,
before, currently, during, earlier,
immediately, lately, later,
meanwhile, now, recently,
simultaneously, subsequently,
then, as long as, as soon as, at
length, at that time, in the
meantime, in the past, presently,
shortly, since, so far, soon,
thereafter, until, when, at first,
eventually, finally, first(ly),
formerly, gradually, last, next,
originally, previously, suddenly,
temporarily, before, whenever,

for example, for instance, namely,
specifically, to illustrate, after all,
even, indeed, in fact, of course,
such as, the following example, as
an illustration, in particular

even, indeed, in fact, of course,
truly, not only / but also, above
all, actually, after all, again,
certainly, clearly, equally
important, fortunately, in other
words, more important(ly), most
important(ly), naturally, obviously,
plainly, surely, undoubtedly,
without doubt

above, adjacent to, below,
beyond, here, in front, in back,
nearby, there, closer to,
elsewhere, far, farther on, near,
opposite to, to the left, to the right

Cause and Effect
accordingly, as a result, because,
for this purpose, then, thereupon,
to this end, consequently, hence,
so, therefore, thus, for, after all, in
order that, since
 Additional Support or
additionally, again, also, and, as
well, besides, equally important,
further, furthermore, in addition,
moreover, then, and not only…but
also both, and additionally,
besides, likewise, too
finally, in a word, in brief, in
conclusion, in the end, in the final
analysis, on the whole, thus, to
conclude, to summarize, in sum, in
summary, as a result, as has been
noted, as I have said, as we have
seen, as mentioned earlier, in any
event, in other words, in short,
therefore, so, all in all, in brief, on
the whole

apparently, supposedly, as, as if,
as though, if, inasmuch as,
provided that, so that, unless,
whenever, whether

either/or, neither/nor, whether,
instead, on the other hand,

One thought on “Transitional Expression

  1. Also,although,as, fortunately,additonally,besides,opposite to, on the other hand, instead, otherwise, in the end, in summary, accordingly, actually,for example, specifically, of course, in fact, such as, whenever


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