Ransom demonstrates that though it may be difficult, anyone can change their ways. Discuss.

So what does this prompt actually want you to discuss. Change. Yes. Change is difficult, yes. Why? When? Can you think of any examples in the text when this would apply? What characters demonstrate their ability to change? Who fails to change? Or what are the obstacles to change?

Look back over your notes and some of the other blog posts using quotes to find more material to work with. Remember to apply the SHOW don’t just TELL  rule to your response.


4 thoughts on “Change

  1. In Ransom, all of the characters have chances to change, they have to choose whether they are going to change and give up some previous stuffs or not. For Priam, he has the biggest change within the novel. his identity changes from a king to a father. The changes of Priam are completed, he understands the importances of that change, that he has to go to Achilles camp to ransom Hectors body back, and gives up his safety because the journey may be dangerous. What he gains after the changes are much more treasurable, although he losses something, he learns an important lesson. However, for Achilles, the changes of him are a bit negative. He doesn't choose to change but changes by surroundings. His first change is when Pactroclus dies, his soul changes color and he starts to revenge. Also when Priam ransoms Hectors body back by the identity of a father , he changes again. In my opinions, he doesn't have ability to change himself as he doesn't have enough courage to face his fate.
    Change is difficult if we don't have enough courage and we can't be hesitated to change. Some changes are hard to archive however they are worth.


  2. Change is one of the most important themes in Ransom. Both of the main characters, Achilles and Priam, change themselves. Both Achilles and Priam have gone through wars, losses, death and pain. However, their changes aren’t happened naturally, those things aren’t enough to change them. To change the two characters, the author, David Malouf, creates a new character, Somax. Somax teaches Priam to be simple and ordinary on their way to Achilles’ camp. After the chat with Somax, Priam has the ability to influence Achilles to change.
    To Priam, he learns the way to be a father from Somax. He was ransomed by his sister and had his name changed to Priam, the price paid. Since that, the only role for him is being a king. He doesn’t have the feelings which a father should have when his children got killed. After chatting with Somax, Priam has changed completely. He starts to have the sense of being a father, instead of just being a king.
    To Achilles, he is influenced by Priam. He is the great warrior of Greek. All he knows is to kill all his enemies on the battlefield and train his team. Also, he can’t let people to see the weaken side of him. Therefore, he has never cried before. He changes all his sadness to anger and takes his revenge to Hector, the killer of Achilles’ best friend. However, he cries when he sees Priam. He looks Priam as his father and lets his anger go. He starts thinking of his own child and changes himself from a warrior to someone’s son.


  3. Don't you think Priam was always a king and a father? His identity did not change from one to the other, but rather grief, loss and the journey with Somax helped to uncover a part of him that he had ignored. What do you think?


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