Cartoon Analysis

In 250 words write a short response to this cartoon, analysing the text, context, images and associated meaning. Consider what identifying as an Australian might mean to both an Aussie and a person from another culture.


2 thoughts on “Cartoon Analysis

  1. We can’t force other migrants to adopt Australian way of life. Even though they are legally Australian, they are not the real Australian compare to Aussie.
    In my opinion, there are many reasons for migrants to move into Australia. A lot of different nationalities live in Australia. Some of them like the education system in Australia. Some of them like the welfare of being Australia. But I don’t think living like Aussie would be a common reason for them to move into Australia.
    A lot of Aussie like camping, staying under the sun and do some outdoor activities. However, migrants are different. For example, if the migrants are Chinese, they would just want to stay in the shopping mall in the sunny day.
    I can see four kinds of people in the cartoon, a Buddhist, a Nun, a person from Middle East, and a normal person, looking at the photo of Steve Irwin. They all have their own cultural backgrounds which help them to create the own and unique identities, and they are fixed. Although they are living in Australia, they haven’t changed their cultures and identities. Otherwise, the Buddhist won’t wear his cassock and the person from Middle East won’t put on his scarf.
    Being Australian does not mean living like Australian. In fact, there isn’t a formula for migrants to follow to live in Australia. They can still live in their own ways. Also, we don’t have a definition of Australian. So, how do we know if migrants adopt Australian way of life and being a true Aussie or not?


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