Tic Tac Toe

Research the life of Shakespeare

Create an A4 poster using images and words.

Focus: 10 Fun facts about William Shakespeare




Research the language of Shakespeare

Create a podcast about the use of language and words in Shakespeare’s plays.

Focus:  the influence of Shakespeare on modern day language

Research Performance in Elizabethan times

Write a list of what you would need to stage a performance of Romeo and Juliet

Focus: Stage craft and performance

Who am I?

Develop a word picture of your favourite character and Romeo and Juliet. Your response should be 200 words.

Focus: Characterisation





Choose an actor/actress to play Romeo and Juliet in a modern day film adaptation of the play. Using images and words explain who you would cast in these roles and why.

Focus: Character


The theme of love is important in Romeo and Juliet. Find 5 Popular Songs that explore the notion of love and find links to the songs and the play.

Focus: Theme

Research the way Romeo and Juliet has been adapted for film by Baz Luhrmann and Julian Fellowes, as a musical (West Side Story) by Laurents, Bernstein and Sondheim and as an animation (Gnomeo and Juliet) by Kelly Asbury.

How faithful was each production to the original text? Give reasons for your answer.

Focus: Adaptation

Imagine: How would Juliet and Romeo communicate and develop their relationship in 2016.

Write a series of exchanges between to the star-crossed lovers. You choose – letter, phone calls, social media. But they must not be discovered by their parents.


Focus: Interpretation

 Research the importance of Tragedy in Shakespeare’s plays.

What tragedy occurs in Romeo and Juliet?

Why is the audience told the fate of the couple in the prologue?

What impact does this have on the audience?


Focus: Theatre


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