See, hear, believe

See, hear, believe

As we read the play Romeo and Juliet we must keep in mind that the play was written to be performed to a live audience. Consider what might be captured on stage, in the interactions between characters, in the setting and stage, that might be lost when we simply read it aloud.

What do you see? What do you hear? What does the play Romeo and Juliet want us to think about, want us to believe in?


Reading Romeo and Juliet

Reading Romeo and Juliet

Wondering how you can read ahead of the class? Consider reading along with an audio book. Hearing actors voices perform R and J will help to bring the action of each scene to life. A suggested audio link can be found here.

Refer to this audio recording when you revise for exams.


Identity and Belonging
Create some ideas about Identity and Belonging using the image above. 

It is time to develop your thinking about this context even further, look for relevant examples in the texts you have studied, in the media and your resource file. Consider the many different ways that you can we construct identity – via our career , family, skills, cultural background, social interaction, sexuality, environment.

Key Questions Before you Start

 We possess true identity when we belong to ourselves and not others.

This is a Context Prompt.
 Before you start answer these questions in a post. Challenge and question each other.

1. What is true identity?
2. What determines whether you feel as though you belong?

3. What is the difference between belonging to ourselves and perhaps belonging to others – family, community?

Develop a response to this prompt in an extended piece of writing.

Don’t Panic – Plan it

Ransom’ refers to the situation between Achilles and Priam. What other ransoms occur in the novel?

Much panic about writing a text response essay can be overcome by planning and organising your ideas before you write. For this prompt you need to plan an essay outline, including quotes and examples you would use, any key ideas, vocabulary you would include. Don’t forget the TEEL approach to planning your essay.